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Bride and Groom
Bride and Groom

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Last year I went to a friend's wedding outside Raleigh, NC. During the wedding I couldn't help but notice that almost every tuxedo they ordered online had some type issue. One of the groomsman's pants was so long they just stacked on his shoes, making the pants look a size too big. His coat was large enough for 2 people to fit inside. The pants on the groomsman next to him were almost a inch above his shoes. He was wearing a pair of fancy socks which drew even more attention to his pants length. His coat was so tight that if he had sneezed, the button would have popped off. Many of the coat sleeves were either too long or too short. The groom noticed many of these problems the day of the wedding, but because each suit was directly shipped to each groomsman, they all had to wear them, AS IS! Keep in mind when ordering online many of your groomsmen have never worn a suit or tuxedo before and now you expect them to know how it supposed to fit and look?! I personally would not risk my wedding day to find out.

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We can take care of any last minute issues. Just this month one groomsmen was diagnosed with Covid-19, one day before the wedding on Saturday. We were able to measure and fit an alternate groomsman the day of the wedding, without additional fees for express service or overnight shipping fees usually charged by an online vendor.

Groom's Accessories
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